Furniture & interiors 

Interior and furniture design projects

My experience designing bespoke kitchens has led me to work on some beautiful kitchens in some fantastic settings. You can see examples of my work below.

I have also produced layouts and space plans for commercial interior projects. These projects have included office spaces and education institutions. 3D interior visualisations have been vital with some of these projects. They help customers get a true vision of the interior and help with selecting furniture styles and colour schemes.


Examples of furniture and

interior design Work

My work on 2D plans and 3D visualisations has helped developers to sell properties off plan, as well as refine internal layouts.

For local projects in West Wales, I can perform site surveys to accurately plan spaces.

My bespoke furniture design work has included individual items such as dressers, kitchen islands and bespoke bars. I have also produced complete designs for libraries, panelled rooms, dressing rooms and many other projects.

interior and bespoke furniture design