Exhibition design

Some examples of my design work

With over 10 years of experience as an exhibition designer I can offer a full range of services for the exhibition and events industry. I offer a full range of design options from concept generation, through to concept generation, design development through to production drawings.

To compliment this, I also provide graphic layouts, and can create and adjust artwork for large format printing.


Here are some examples of the design work I have delivered both for clients and as an employee.

Industry Standard

My freelance design services are offered using industry standard software

3D modelling and rendering software for design visualisation, games and animation

A collection of key design apps including Photoshop and Illustrator

Precision 2D drafting and documentation

3D Modelling

I have also provided a 3d modelling and visualisation service to customers at the forefront of the UK exhibition & events industry. This process involved lead designers creating hand drawn sketches or scamps of their proposed idea, and me ‘making it work’. This includes production of plans & elevations working to industry standard sizes (stock panel heights, widths, height limitations and open side rules from event organisers) as well as developing bespoke items working within standard sheet and material sizes.

My years of experience have also allowed me to become familiar with a lot of the main exhibition venues in the UK and Europe. This knowledge has helped a number of times with intricate regulations or access constraints. Being aware of these issues ahead of time saves making costly mistakes!