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Some examples of my visualisation and design work

Architectural visualisation (also known as 3D visualisation and CG illustration), is the method of building virtual (digital) models of buildings, interiors, scenery or products on a computer in 3D space. The process involves complex modelling, followed by texturing, lighting and then rendering on powerful computers.

3D visualisation is a powerful tool for design and development as well as a vital part of the sales process. In the case of architects and property developers, this service can help with planning applications and also advance sales. We can do this by creating accurate representations of proposed designs, from single rooms to full buildings.

CG illustration can also be used for product development prior to costly manufacturing decisions being made. Whether you are designing an individual bespoke piece of furniture for a client commission, or a mass-produced item of 50,000+ units, getting the design refined in 3d space can save a lot of time and money.  

As architectural visualisation is a tool for communication it needs to be adaptable to suit different circumstances. For example, in some cases a photo-real image may not be necessary (perhaps in the very early stages of a project), and so a much more scamp-like image may be the best solution. I offer a range of different styles and levels of arch-viz work to suit your requirements and budget. I love working on highly detailed photo-realistic projects, but these jobs can take time and therefore costs are higher, so it is great to have a cheaper alternative.

I use industry standard software for my architectural visualisation work: AutoCAD LT for 2D plans and layouts, 3DS Max for 3d modelling and Chaos Group’s Vray render engine to texture and light the models.


Examples of 3D Visualisation &

CG Illustration work


3D Visualisation Office Interior

My 3D visualisation work has a range of benefits


Win more pitches

Smoother communication

Sell properties & spaces off plan

Reduce expensive mistakes

Architectural and 3D visualisation

I have delivered CG illustrations and 3d visualisations to a range of customers in different businesses. Architectural visualisations are used by interior designers, architects, property developers, exhibition companies, shop fitters and bespoke furniture manufacturers. 

If you would like to discuss a project or find out more about my rates and fees please contact me.

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